Bayfront Bistro – Big Winners at Taste of the Beach 2009

Chef Bayfront News


We’re The Big Winner!

At this weekend’s 14th Annual Taste of the Beach event two competitions were held. The main event was a Chef’s Challenge with 3 category prizes. Best Appetizer, Best Entrée and Best Dessert.

Bayfront Bistro won Best Appetizer and Best Entrée!

In the broader competition participating restaurants submitted dishes for a number of categories such as crab cakes, shellfish, beef, fish, Pork, etc. We did not compete in 4 of the 7 categories.

Bayfront Bistro won Best Fish and Best Beef!

If that’s not enough there’s more.

Bayfront Bistro won Best In Show!

If you haven’t been to try us out I encourage you to take advantage of this quiet time on the beach. No traffic, just great sunsets, lightening shows and Bayfront Bistro cuisine. We’re serving free appetizers for Happy Hour every evening…reserve a table here or call us (239) 463 3663