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There is a wonderful buzz around Southwest Florida at the moment about Bayfront Bistro since opening, and here is a direct quote from a comment someone recently posted on Chowhound.com, an international dining website where people share expert tips on restaurants, bars, and more.

“I have yet to find a good restaurant on Fort Myers Beach itself, but there is a lot of buzz about a new place at the new marina behind the Publix. The Marina is Snook Bight and the restaurant is Bayfront Bistro. www.bayfrontbistro.com”,

LilMsFoodie Feb 21, 2009 04:28AM

Fort Myers Beach restaurants have struggled to attract large numbers of customers from Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples for a long time, and Bayfront Bistro is quickly proving to be that ONE restaurant on Fort Myers Beach that you want to continually visit, whether you are local on the beach, a 30 minute drive from Naples, or a flight from Michigan (hey, some have said the food is good enough that they would fly down for the weekend!).

To sum up, this post is simply a “thank you” to all of you that have visited the restaurant, planned a visit, or told your friends about Bayfront Bistro since we opened last month, and we are extremely grateful to those that have sent in such wonderful comments. We will be creating a “Customer Comments” page on this site very soon where your comments will be featured and posted regularly.

The buzz has definitely hit Southwest Florida (and the folks heading back up North) and we (Chef Marvin (pictured above), Andre at the bar (pictured above), and the entire Bayfront crew)  thank you for helping us to get the word out that there is FINALLY, that ONE restaurant on Fort Myers Beach!

Another quick update: we now have comment cards that are presented at each table and by simply filling one out, you will receive a free bottle of wine the next time you visit Bayfront Bistro.